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Using Facebook Securely
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Using Facebook Securely


with NDEC Instructor

Calendar Next session starts Jan 11, 2024 at 10 am

This class is designed to teach current Facebook account holders how to use Facebook moresecurely, how to understand all privacy options, and how to change privacy options so theinformation you share on Facebook is only available to those you wish to see it.

Requirements: A device connected to the internet and a Facebook account.

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The 28-Day Plan To Beat The Battle Of The Bulge with The Mind-Body Weight Loss System


with Carolann Charland-Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Jan 30, 2024 at 6 pm

Are you gaining weight no matter what you do? The Mind-Body Weight Loss System teaches you “a way of eating vs dieting” with 2 powerful components that include a holistic food plan (diet) developed by a physician designed to reduce gut-inflammation and insulin-resistance. Plus- it introduces you to the revolutionary new “retrain your brain” therapy (NRT) that eliminates unhealthy eating habits by creating new neuropathways for positive behavior changes.

CLASS INCLUDES: 55pg eBook “The Mind-Body Weight Loss System” food plan with sample menu, step-by-step guide to NRT mind-body techniques.

BONUS: 30-minute guided-meditation therapy session (in-class ) to change eating habits and jumpstart your weight loss. (you can record this therapy session for home use).

I CAN HELP YOU QUIT! The 14-Day Program To Successfully Stop Smoking (Vaping)


with Carolann Charland-Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 1, 2024 at 6 pm

I CAN HELP YOU QUIT! Successfully Stop Smoking (vaping) In 14 Days. My revolutionary “Retrain Your Brain” program is unlike any other method you have tried to quit in the past. It uses a powerful combination of NLP Neurolinguistics and modern discoveries in brain neuroplasticity to release “stuck” habits stored in the brain.

The program gets to the root cause of why you smoke and eliminates it. It releases old habits ”stuck” in the brain going back to when you first started smoking… even if that was a teenager! It does not matter how long ago you started smoking (vaping) this program can help you quit.

CLASS INCLUDES: free coaching support after class and eBook “Retrain Your Brain To Successfully Stop Smoking” with step-by-step guide to proven NLP techniques to help you quit.

BONUS: 30 minute smoke cessation NLP therapy session( in-class) to jumpstart quitting (you can record for reinforcement therapy for home use).

Putting the Literacy in Financial Literacy: Book Club with FAME


with FAME Specialist

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 6, 2024 at 6 pm, runs for 4 weeks

Join FAME’s College Savings Counselor, Maire Pelletier, in dissecting Erin Lowery’s Broke Millennial Takes on Investing. This book club is great for someone looking for an introduction to different investment-related topics. In Lowery’s second edition of the Broke Millennial financial book series, she addresses some of the biggest questions early investors have, such as: 

  • Should I invest while paying down student loans? 
  • How do I invest in a socially responsible way? 
  • What about robo-advisors and apps--are any of them any good? 
  • Where can I look online for investment advice? 

Students will need to purchase their own copy of the book to participate.

This class meets on the following days:  2/6/2024, 2/20/2024, 3/5/2024, and 3/19/2024

Pre-registration required.  

The Stress Reset: Stress Proof Your Mind & Body


with Carolann Charland-Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 8, 2024 at 6 pm

Are you constantly stressed-out, tired and feeling overwhelmed? This course is a fresh new approach to reducing stress, moving out of survival mode and back into joy. Learn the most sought-after therapy worldwide; "Limbic Brain Retraining" that calms an overactive stress response and activates your natural relaxation response. You'll learn modern neural retraining techniques (NRT) for effective stress and anxiety relief.

COURSE INCLUDES: eBook “The Stress Reset” with step-by-step guide to NRT Techniques and daily plan to incorporate it into your daily routine. BONUS: 30-minute NRT guided meditation therapy session for stress relief (you can record for home use)

Student Loan Repayment-Know Your Options


with FAME Specialist

Calendar Next available session starts Feb 21, 2024 at 6 pm

Federal Student Loans have gone back into repayment. How’s it going? If you are struggling with your payments, did you know there are several income-based repayments plans as well as deferment or forbearance? Did you know you could get .25% off your interest rate if you sign up for auto-debit on your federal loans? Do you know you can work towards loan forgiveness now if you work for a non-profit, government or tribal agency? Whether you have recently graduated from college or have been repaying your students loans for a long time, join us to learn how to best manage your student loan repayment. Join Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor from the Finance Authority of Maine as she shares pro-tips and answers questions. 

Become A Holistic Health Practitioner - PART 1


with Carolann Charland-Cliche

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 7, 2024 at 6 pm

Do you have an interest in natural health and wellness? Do you like helping others? This course is an introduction to natural wellness or CAM Complimentary-Alternative Medicine therapies. You will learn how you can become a successful holistic wellness practitioner, see therapy clients and start a profitable natural wellness business. No college degree is required in most CAM occupations only professional training, certification or licensing in the specific occupation.

*NOTE: This course does not provide the professional training only tips on setting up a wellness practice. Course Includes e-book: Guide how to successfully become a holistic practitioner.

Adulting 101: Money Starts


with FAME Specialist

Calendar Next available session starts Apr 3, 2024 at 6:30 pm

Adulting is tough. Finances can be one of the trickiest parts of adulthood. Whether you’ve been Adulting for decades or are just getting started, banking basics, spending plans, credit scores and useful tools and apps are available to make the whole Adulting thing a little bit easier. Join Steve Kautz from the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1-hour virtual workshop as we dive into some adulting money basics together.

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